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Story from Jakarta, Indonesia: Women Supporting Women during the Covid-19 Pandemic By Olin Monteiro (May 2nd 2020). Despite worldwide news on Covid-19 spread in January 2020, Indonesian government had not yet understood the scale of the pandemic until we received the first patient by the end of February 2020. We even witnessed arrogant declarations of some government officials saying that […]

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Llamado para adoptar una política feminista frente a COVID-19

La siguiente declaración ha sido respaldada por más de 1600 personas, redes y  organizaciones de mujeres de todo el mundo, de más de 100 países, para exigir a los Estados que adopten una política feminista para abordar los desafíos extraordinarios planteados por la pandemia COVID-19 de manera coherente con las normas y los principios de derechos humanos. Esta iniciativa fue iniciada por […]

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Call for a Feminist COVID-19 Policy

The following statement has been endorsed by more than 1600 individuals and women’s networks and organizations from more than 100 countries, to demand States the adoption of a feminist policy to address the extraordinary challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in a manner that is consistent with human rights standards and principles. This initiative was initiated by women from the Global South […]