Paradigm Shift for the Current Women, Peace and Security Agenda

FAR Steering committee members along with activists from Jordan/Syria, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Yemen, and Sri Lanka engaged in discussing the need for a feminist peace agenda in January 2019.  The meeting was held in Amman, Jordan, and was convened by Center for Women’s Global Leadership, the global coordinator of FAR, in partnership with ABAAD (MENA region) and Women and Media Collective (South Asia Region).

The objective of the convening was to discuss the definition of peace, from a feminist perspective, and to ensure that indicators to measure an inclusive and sustainable peace agenda will be developed by those affected by conflict and occupation. The FAR Steering Committee members shared their expertise and perspectives on the challenges faced by those in conflict from other regions. They will continue to contribute to the framework for an alternative peace paradigm that CWGL is developing.