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The Feminist Alliance for Rights (FAR) is a global alliance working to advance gender equality by strengthening accountability for women’s human rights. We promote respect for the diversity and complexity of women’s live.

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FAR’s Vision

FAR envisions a world where women and girls realize their full potential: where feminist ideals are recognized and supported; diversity and complexity are respected; and resources and power are shared to enhance the well-being of people and the planet.

FAR’s Purpose

FAR’s purpose it to amplify the voices and leadership of women from the global south and from marginalized communities from the global north to influence global policy through convening, research and advocacy to realize rights and wellbeing of all people.


FAR has members from over 60 countries working in different areas including gender-based violence (GBV), sexual and reproductive health and rights, peace and security, and climate change. It is governed by a Steering Committee (SC) representing seven regions. The SC members are appointed periodically for three years through an open application process, to guide the achievement of FAR’s mission. Center for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL) is the Global Coordinator of FAR.


For the period 2019-2021, the main focus of FAR is to contribute towards the realization of human rights by addressing gender inequality and GBV. To this end, FAR will utilize a comprehensive framework that recognizes the links among sexual and reproductive health and rights, labor and economic policy, in situations of conflict and crisis. FAR’s framework embodies an intersectional approach with a specific focus on women in situations of vulnerability, with a high risk of exposure to violence and discrimination, such as young, differently-abled, indigenous, migrant, Roma, lesbian, transgender and other systematically disadvantaged women.


By joining FAR, members have the opportunity to enhance their feminist advocacy in the following ways:

  • By having early access to information relevant to their work.
  • By using human rights instruments and women’s human rights mechanisms, within the UN Special Procedures, such as the Special Rapporteur on violence against women and the Working Group on discrimination against women and girls (WGDAWG), in a strategic way.
  • By attending workshops and consultations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and MENA to produce submissions for the WGDAWG’s forthcoming thematic report on reproductive health and rights in times of crisis.
  • By engaging in the Beijing +25 review and appraisal process by contributing to the Feminist Women’s Movement Action Plan.
You can apply to be a FAR member here.

Herstory/History of FAR

Feminist Alliance for Rights (FAR) is a global alliance that transitioned from the Post-2015 Women’s Coalition, with the specific purpose of engaging feminists from the Global South and from marginalized communities of the Global North. Working together, we identify points of convergence and develop a global agenda anchored in on-the-ground realities and a human rights framework and strengthen national, regional and international accountability to advance gender equality and human rights.

The Post-2015 Women’s Coalition was initiated by the leadership of the GEAR campaign (Gender/Equality/Architecture/Reform), whose aim was to strengthen feminist engagement in the Post-2015 sustainable development agenda and processes leading up to the creation of the Sustainable Development Goals.