Peace, Safety and Security: ending gender-based violence and defending women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights:
One of the main priorities of our work is to facilitate collective action by women’s rights organizations to promote feminist advocacy and analyses through an intersectional approach in defense of gender equality and empowerment of women and girls. Our work facilitates participation of women’s organizations, especially from the Global South, in international advocacy spaces, contributing to a global feminist architecture for movement building. This intersectional framework allows us to share experiences and common advocacy actions.

Economic and Social Rights:
One of the main thematic areas of our work is social and economic rights. This includes defending women’s rights in the workplace and denouncing all forms of gender-based violence, which is one of the main elements of inequality. Our work advocates for gender equality in labor relations and economic opportunities for women in national and international policies, considering the relationship between macro-economic policies and human rights obligations of governments. Some of our main strengths and contributions are information-sharing and advocacy opportunities related to gender equality issues. This work promotes diversity and equality in participation, as well as empowerment of women’s organizations.

Environmental Sustainability:Indigenous Environmental Network delegation to Paris climate summit. ©2015 Allen Lissner/IEN
One of the main focuses of our work is environmental sustainability, including climate justice, cultural, Indigenous, and land rights. Our objective is to broaden the perspective of social change connecting issues such as economic justice, climate change, peace and security, between SDGs goals, and between local and global advocacy. Our work facilitates common advocacy around these issues, with the leadership of women’s organizations in the Global South. It facilitates the engagement of women’s organizations to frame and influence discussions and decisions in international advocacy spaces.