FAR: Open Call for Steering Committee Membership

The Feminist Alliance for Rights (FAR) is holding an open call for individuals leading women’s rights organizations interested in joining its Steering Committee, representing the Caribbean and Eastern Central Europe regions. Young activists (women under 30 years old) and disabilities-rights activists from the Global South are strongly encouraged to apply.

Only fully completed applications will be considered.


FAR is an international alliance that works to advance gender equality and women’s rights, and to strengthen national and regional accountability, by facilitating collaboration and leveraging strategic opportunities for feminists from the Global South and from marginalized communities of the Global North to influence global policies that are relevant to local realities.

FAR promotes the engagement of feminist organizations in defense of women’s rights while strengthening local capacity to undertake human rights-based advocacy. FAR facilitates knowledge of and access to UN mechanisms and regional mechanisms, so that women’s rights organizations and movements can utilize them more effectively to hold governments accountable for human rights violations against women.

For more information, please visit our website: Feminist Alliance for Rights

FAR’s composition and governance structure

FAR brings together around 60 countries. It intersects social movements and networks as well as local, national, regional, and international organizations.  FAR’s regional approach to organizing contributes to South-South and South-North movement building among women’s and social justice organizations to enhance actions and strategies to realize women’s rights.

FAR’s governance structure consists of a Steering Committee composed by feminists representing constituencies and organizations that have regional representation and work at the national level in Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, MENA, North America and the Pacific Islands. The Steering Committee currently has nine spots, two of which will be filled with new members in October 2019.

The Center for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL) is currently the Global Coordinator of FAR and  is represented in the Steering Committee in order to continue with its fiduciary responsibility for FAR.

Role of the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee promotes FAR’s principles, which are inclusion, innovation and transparency, and core priorities. It also guides the overall work of FAR in three areas:

  • Strategic planning
  • Strategic interventions and representation of FAR in policy and advocacy arenas
  • Movement building and outreach with key constituencies

To fulfill their responsibilities, the Steering Committee members are required to participate in quarterly conference calls and annual in-person meetings, and dedicate an estimated 6-8 hours per month on activities related to FAR.

Mandatory criteria for membership

Individuals selected as Steering Committee members should comply with the following criteria:

  1. They represent, or have represented in the past, regional/international networks with strong relationships with feminist grassroots movements and community-based organizations, and they are, or were, representatives of feminist and/or social justice organizations with work at the national level and with participation in regional and international networks.
  2. They possess decision-making capacity within an organization.
  3. Demonstrate experience and commitment in feminist movement building and experience working on at least one of the current thematic areas of FAR: peace beyond the absence of war and sexual and reproductive health and rights in times of crisis and human insecurity.
  4. They have direct connections to and work experience relating to a highly marginalized group.
  5. They have basic knowledge of the international human rights system and processes.
  6. They possess substantial experience in fundraising, communications and/or coalition building.
  7. They are able to dedicate between 6 and 8 hours per month to FAR.


Steering Committee members serve for a period of three years. Decisions concerning the appointment and departure of members, as well as extensions, are made jointly by the Steering Committee.

Nomination and Selection Process

A resume, brief personal statement highlighting information relevant to the selection criteria, and a signed declaration must be submitted to feministallianceforrights@gmail.com.

The deadline is October 28th, 2019.

New members will be invited to join the next FAR annual meeting.

Candidates for the Steering Committee will be considered by reference or self-nomination. Current members of the Steering Committee will elect two new members by a majority vote according to the established criteria. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed in September 2019.