Meet & Greet for Working Group on discrimination against women and girls (WGDAWG): March 2018

FAR convened a Meet & Greet event for the for Working Group on discrimination against women and girls (formerly known as the UN Working Group on discrimination against women in law and in practice) to introduce women’s rights organizations participating in CSW63 to new members of the Working Group. This is part of FAR’s larger strategy to promote women’s rights organizations’ access to women’s rights mechanisms and create networking opportunities for women’s rights defenders, which is especially important in the current context of rapidly closing space for civil society and WHRDs to advance and protect the human rights of women and girls. FAR Steering Committee members and other attendees from civil society in New York and elsewhere learned about the Working Group’s forthcoming priorities, and opportunities for engagement. Elizabeth Broderick and Melissa Upreti, two Expert Members of the WGDAW, participated in the event, as well as FAR Steering Committee membersSharon Bhagwan Rolls, FemLINKpacific; Cristina Raducan, Romano Alav / Romani Women Network (RWN); Fatima Outaleb, Global Network of Women Shelters, and Mildred Crawford, Jamaica Network of Rural Women Producers (JNRWP).