Maria Luisa Mendonça Maria Luisa Mendonça is the project director for the Feminist Alliance for Rights (FAR). She is the founder of Rede Social de Justiça e Direitos Humanos (Network for Social Justice and Human Rights – in Brazil and the editor of the book “Human Rights in Brazil,” which has been published annually since 2000. She was one of the founders of the World Social Forum. Her areas of specialization include international studies, globalization, development, agriculture systems, gender equality, human rights, Latin American studies, and social movements. She has a PhD in Philosophy and Social Sciences with a focus on Human Geography from the University of São Paulo (USP). From 2014 until 2016 she was a visiting professor in the International Relations Department of University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ). In 2013 she was a visiting scholar in the Development Sociology Department at Cornell University.

Preeti Shekar is the Communications Strategist for FAR.  Preeti is a feminist researcher, journalist and a communications specialist. She has been a consultant with the Center for South Asia Studies at UC Berkeley, the International Development Exchange (IDEX), Grassroots Global Justice, and is a contributing editor with Reimagine Race, Poverty and the Environment, a leading journal focused on intersectional social and environmental justice analyses. Preeti has been the Director of Narika, a Bay area-based organization working to end domestic violence in the South Asian diaspora, and has served as a language interpreter  with the International Rescue Committee; and has worked as a language support advocate with the Asian Women’s Shelter in San Francisco. Previously she worked with the Global Fund for Women on their communications team for five years. Since 2006, Preeti has also been a regular radio producer with Pacifica Radio’s Berkeley station (KPFA 94. FM) where she produces a regular program amplifying the voices and perspectives of the South Asian community in the bay area. Preeti is also a board member of San Francisco Women Against Rape (SFWAR).